Below are some testimonials received from delighted members.

I have spent dollar after dollar trying to learn to make money on the internet, just to be overwhelmed.

In less than a month I have made money with this program and have not been required to buy anything but the initial investment.

The support is Top Notch.

If I can do this anyone can!

Before, all I could do is check my email and run a couple of eBay listings. Now I have fully functioning web site making money.

Thanks Instant Niche Maker for giving me back my desire to get ahead.

- Will Sims

Hi ... Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help.

I was a wee bit skeptical, but ...seeing that I could cancel at any time, I decided to give it a go.

On Sunday, I signed up...and already have 2 sites up and running:

Two days later both sites have already started to receive visitors!

I am ...planning on getting a new site up every 2 or 3 days.

Thank you for all the help...and speedy response to my questions.

Kindest Regards.

- Dave Stones

The tech support has been perfect.

Very quick to respond.

- Steven Perkins

Editor Note: Some comments are short and sweet! :-)


I haven't been this excited about a new product for a long time. This is amazing! I built my first site in just a few minutes.

Now I can't stop. I keep thinking of more niche ideas & building more sites.

I added some articles and now my first site has already had a couple of hundred visits.

This is great! I can't wait to tinker with them some more and watch them grow.

Thanks for such a great product!

- Steve Lindhorst
Author of The Niche Book and Selling on 'the River'


Just thought I'd let you know, I've been building an average of 2 sites a week since I first became involved with Instant Niche Maker 3 Weeks ago.

Already I have 7 sites uploaded. Two sites are already starting to make me money, about a Dollar a day each, which more than pays for the whole package, and as the saying goes from Little Acorns Giant Oak Trees Grow.:-)

I would also like to say... 'Thanks for all the support that you have given me over the first week or so'

Kind Regards.

- Dave S.
Redcar. UK

When you introduced your Niche sites I knew we were on to something great.

The sites are great in looks, easy to learn, and open many doors for me.

The turning point of full confidence struck this past weekend. I submitted a help ticket understanding that I probably would not hear from you guys until Monday. Not only did I get a reply immediately but also follow up communication over the weekend as well.

What a comfort to know that you are vigilant in your customer care and concern.

Keep up the great work!

- Chuck Seaver

I don't know where to start in singing the praises of Instant Niche Maker.

I have tried many other online money making systems but none compares to the ease of setup, support, and income potential of it..

I had 15 Niche Sites up and running within the first few days after joining. They are receiving visitors, getting indexed, and producing revenue already.

My support requests have all been answered quickly and professionally, most within the same day.

I highly recommend that anyone wishing to capitalize in the Niche Website area, you better take a long look at Instant Niche Maker!

- Dave Courtney

This product is excellent, the tutorials are great and easy to follow. If I do run into a problem and contact support, I am amazed at the fast, personal response I receive!

Other companies take 2 days or more to reply and often times they just direct you to a FAQ page.

Your team always gives me a quick response and gets me out of my jam and puts me back on track. That is awesome customer service after the sale.

It is easy for me to spend my hard earned money with you because I get more than my moneys worth, and I know you are there after the sale to make sure I am satisfied. Once again AWESOME PRODUCT , AWESOME SUPPORT ....

- Jim Garvin

I'm relatively new to internet marketing and this looked too good to be true so I was skeptical. But I figured since they had a 5 day trial I'd give it shot.

On Tuesday I made my first niche site. It took me about an hour. Four days later on Saturday I saw that Google had already indexed 21 pages on my site.

By Saturday I had received 172 page impressions and 3 clicks.

I'm no longer skeptical, you guys got it right!

If you've been wanting to build a web presence then you HAVE to check out this awesome tool.

I'm glad I did.

- Tom Anders

I really love Instant Niche Maker, I think it's the best program.

I have literally spent thousands of dollars on IM software, ebooks, coaching programs and nothing comes close to this program for simplicity and ease of use with so much functionality into the bargain.

I am up and running, something I have been trying to do for months with all the so called best programs in the business.

I have never given a testimonial before, but I just love the program and will sing it's praises to anyone who will listen.

Thanks Again,

- Coral Nilsen.

I just wanted to let you know that I am soooo happy with the support I have received. Very timely responses, my issues get resolved always, and they even care to ask if I resolved my issues.


I have belonged to other internet marketing niche sites and ended my subscription, as I never seemed to get a response, and if I did it was days before they responded.

So thank you, I really appreciate it.

- Lisa Mahle

Well what can I say...

I was sitting here working with Instant Niche Maker (having just joined) when in walked Jake my son 14 years old...

"What you doing Dad?!? Can I look see?"

SURE I said..I never got near it for a while well not till he had created his mountainbike site.

Now he is hooked when I asked him to describe it in a sentence he said:-



-Sam & Jake Walker

Great video!

Now I can do it!

I need this capability for things like this: I had a customer call for special pricing on a large order this last week.

I was able to create a whole new page (under his name, it really impressed him) with his special pricing on it in under ten minutes.

That's the kind of customer service WE provide!

I'm glad to see that yours is as good.

That impresses me!

-John Wesley

We have been in the internet marketing game for nearly 8 years & get over 85 different newsletters, but this is the first time we have seen a product released that REALLY does the entire job of Web 2.0 marketing for you.

Sign-up is easy, it's easy to understand, and the support has been phenomenal, with replies coming sometimes within minutes!

We find it ALL the bases covered, from finding your niche, building your site, promoting it with Web 2.0 tactics AUTOMATICALLY, to tracking the traffic!

It is worth every penny!

We HIGHLY recommend it!

John & Sharon Abert

Instant Niche Maker is truly an AWESOME program!

It is easy to use and the websites look fantastic, as well as everything done and optimized in a SEO-friendly way.

The support has been wonderful.

I think Instant Niche Maker is so exciting and so much fun- I just LOVE it!

- Nancy Hannah

So far I am loving this.

Although I didn't realize how much would be involved it's something I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for making this a simple to use and build business!

- Kimberly Aita

Mahalo for the tremendous amount of support I have received!

It was an amazingingly easy and quickly rewardly experience.

I couldn't have gone through it so quickly without the thorough, patient and friendly support that I always received!

Once again, Mahalo.

Peace and Aloha,

- Sandra Greenberg


I think this is a fabulous product...

I want to let you know that your tutorials are fabulous.

The knowledge and resources I've gained in a short time have been worth every single penny!

Thank you!

- Joann Hayssen

I am still in my trial period and I actually was going to quit because I am such a total "newbie" that I felt overwhelmed and figured I wouldn't get anywhere.

Before I quit, I decided I should watch a couple of the tutorial videos to prove myself correct.

Well...instead of quitting, I joined as a Platinum member and have set up 2 sites already.

Your tutorials, which, by the way, are incredibly easy to follow even for someone like me who is basically computer illiterate.

Thanks so much!

- Susan May

I purchased the InstantNicheMaker program because I was looking for a way to improve my internet marketing success.

I found the training videos to be excellent, very easy to follow.

I quickly created two sites in less than 15 minutes.

It's a simple cookie cutter setup process that anyone can do.

The InstantNicheMaker has everything you need to get started selling on the internet - and do it quickly.

I definitely give it a thumbs up!

- Andrew Clifton



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