5 Website Roadblocks

If you have found building your own website difficult, don't worry, you're not alone. There are at least five different roadblocks that stop many from starting their own successful website.

Instant Niche Maker is a automated website generated technology that will knock these roadblocks down as easy as the big bad wolf blowing down a house of straw.

Roadblock #1: Building The Site:

 In the past you had to learn so many different technologies in order to build a website. These include:

  • HTML
  • FTP
  • SSL
  • CPanel
  • Graphics
  • Frontpage
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PNG
  • Linux or Windows Hosting
  • Name servers
  • CSS
  • Shopping Cart
  • Paypal payments
  • Auto-Responders,
  • Forms
  • RSS Feeds
  • etc..

The painful list goes on and on. It can take days, even weeks just to learn one of these, never mind master them all.

Trying to learn all this stuff can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. To make matters worse, you're spending all this time and shelling out a ton of hard-earned money buying training and tools and you aren't making anything, not a single penny.

How frustrating is that!

Sound familiar?

Sorry friend, but it gets worse!  Frown

Not only do you have to be a technical genius, but you have to be an artist too. It's simply not enough to have a functioning site, you have to an attractive, eye-catching, modern site.

Let's face it, if you build an ugly website, people are going to say "yuck", and click a way in a heartbeat and never return.

Don't worry! Instant Niche Maker handles ALL the technical stuff, and builds the site in 30 seconds for you!


Roadblock #2: Adding Content

Once you get the structure of the website created, now the "fun part" begins.

What content are you going to include that will catch the search engine's attention, make your visitors stay, and want to come back?

Will you hunt down relevant articles, videos, news, and items to purchase?

How many hours of hard manual labor will you spend searching and copying good content, never mind trying to format it so it's attractive.

This can be a serious, time consuming roadblock to overcome!

Don't worry! Instant Niche Maker AUTOMATICALLY adds news, videos, auction items, and sellable items from over 6200+ merchants to your niche site!


Roadblock #3: Monetizing The Site

Let's say that after weeks (maybe months) of time spent, you have a fairly decent website with some great content. That's great!

What will you do now with it?

How will you monetize it?

Will you put Google Adsense ads? If so, get ready for another learning curve:

  • Which size ad will you use?
  • What colors will you use?
  • Where is the best place to put the ads?
Will this one site generate enough income to make all that learning and work worthwhile?

Don't worry! Instant Niche Maker not only automates the entire Google Adsense process but also adds other multiple streams of profit income to your niche site!


Roadblock #4: Getting Traffic

Now that steps 1 - 3 are finally complete, you need traffic.

A website with no traffic is useless.

  • Is your website SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly?
  • Is it set up so that the search engines will index it and send you highly targeted visitors to your website.
  • Do you a way to get backlinks to your site so that the search engine spiders will find your site?

Don't worry! Instant Niche Maker automatically makes your SEO friendly, sets you up with backlinks, and builds your site so it automatically attracts the attention of Google, Yahoo, & MSN.


Roadblock #5: Growing The Site

Search engines are smart... very smart.

They track how quickly and at what rate your site is expanding and growing.

If new content appears daily, then the spiders visit one or more times each day.

If new content only appears on a weekly basis, then the spiders only visit weekly.

In order to get and maintain good rankings in the search engines, you must keep adding relevant content on a regular basis.

Don't worry!  Instant Niche Maker automatically grows your site by adding relevant content on a regular basis. This makes Google, Yahoo, & MSN keep visiting you and helps you rank well.

Does that sound like a lot of work? It should because it is. Cry

In The Past... These Are Just Some Of The Roadblocks
That You Had To Overcome When
Manually Creating Websites!

Instant Niche Maker OBLITERATES these roadblocks!



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No More Roadblocks!

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Now, ANYONE can quickly and easily at the push of a button create a beautiful niche website ready to be your automated profit machine.





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