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Here is what you get:

  • The ability to make 250 different niche sites. They can be any combination of the different style of sites (ie. Auto-Blog, Video Squeeze Page, PLR - Private Label Rights, etc...). You can even reuse site slots. So if you build a site and don't like it, no problem simply erase it and create another site.
  • You can easily use your existing domain names, or grab new domains to use with your sites.
  • You'll get free hosting for an entire year. After that, hosting is just $49 per month total. That's only 19 cents a month per site for high quality hosting on our private dedicated servers. 
  • You'll learn the $5.00 a month traffic secret to help you get your sites to #1 in Google.  (Watch video)
  • You'll gain access to all new features, templates, and insider information. We are constantly updating and adding new features. It's like having your own programming / tech support team for free!
  • Tutorial videos to explain each feature and show you how to easily create auto-profit sites.
  • Efficient tech support help by knowledgeable staff.

But Wait! It Gets Even BETTER!

Join today...You'll receive $197 in BONUSES!

Become a member today, and you receive the following BONUSES ($197) Value!

The biggest question that everyone wants to know who is building websites is:

"How Do I Get Traffic To My Website?"

While your Instant Niche Maker sites have built in SEO optimization and traffic generation methods, you can never get enough traffic!

Fortunately, getting visitors to your website is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. But for some reason, there's this big mystery surrounding the issue, and many people think that ONLY the gurus or underground elite marketers hold the keys to getting serious web traffic.

That's just not true. Anyone can get web traffic if they put in a little effort and do some certain things.

So for that reason we're including the following four ebooks to help you learn how to get traffic to your websites.

Here's what you can look forward to...

Adsense Answers Revealed

Joel Comm is recognized as the Google Adsense authority.

Joel spills his secrets in a no-holds barred interview about making money with AdSense!

He allowed the customers of the first Instant AdSense Templates to ask him their most burning question about AdSense.

Lucky for you, he transcribed the entire interview, so now you can get all those insights and hot tips revealed to you in this ebook.


This is not like other ebooks... these are REAL questions from people like YOU!  For example...

  • Are back links the most important factor for high ranking?

  • Should I optimize my pages with high paying keywords?

  • How do I get traffic to my site?

You'll discover the answers to these questions and many more!



Getting Traffic To Your Site!

Using the systems revealed in this ebook, you can create a virtually unlimited stream of traffic to your site. The nice part is that most of the work only needs to be done once. After that, you can sit back and watch the visitors roll in!

You'll discover why many marketers are just not seeing the traffic picture...and how you can get ahead of them by taking advantage of that fact.


How to Get FREE Web Traffic

If you are like most marketers, you are very interested in discovering the secrets of FREE traffic.

So guess what? That's what you're going to get!

Free traffic is on its way!



The AdSense Traffic Guide

In this guide you'll learn easy and effective strategies to bring tons of traffic to your websites. These methods include:

  • You'll learn how to get your site listed in the search engines

  • Discover eight linking strategies,

  • Learn how to get media coverage, and more.

How To Get On Page #1 Of Google For $5.00 A Month!

Watch the video below to see explained the powerful method of getting on page 1 (and position #1) of Google, Yahoo, and Bing (MSN) that you'll be learning as an Instant Niche Maker member. This method has helped us to blow past MILLIONS of pages of competition and dominate the big three search engines. You'll be able to use the same method.


Get An INFINITE Number Of Backlinks. Just Push A Button!

Become an Instant Niche Maker member today and you will get your own copy of the most amazing tool. Once you create a site, you simply enter the URL you want in the search engines, the keywords you want to use, and click the button.  In about 7 minutes you will have setup 70 backlinks and "pinged" Google to come index these backlinks. Using this tool can get your website indexed into Google in just a few short hours! You can run the tool over and over and over again. You can use it with any and all of your websites. Watch the video below, you'll be AMAZED!

     Note: The automated backlinker tool is only available as a Windows EXE file.

Flipping Niche Websites For Huge Profits!

NEW! You can now create niche sites with InstantNicheMaker and then host them on your own hosting account. This allows you to "flip" them for huge profits on sites like


Here is what you get...
# Of Sites To Start:   


Max # Of Sites Allowed:   


Buy Additional Sites? 

 Yes, you can purchase additional site slots
(in blocks of 100) for a one-time charge
of just $2.97 each.

eBay Products Shown? 

Amazon Products Shown? 
Clickbank Products Shown? 
Videos Included? 
News Included? 
Create A Blog Style Site? 
Auto-Blog Content? 
Create PLR (Private Label Rights) Sites? 
Create Video Squeeze Page Sites? 
Search Engine Submission? 
Site Statistics? 
SEO Index Monitor? 
Google Sitemap Creation? 
Google Analytics? 
Access To 100+ Themes? 
Deal Finder Deluxe? 
Use Your Domain? 
Shopping Cart? 
Twitter Synchronization? 
Monthly Hosting Fee: 
 $0.00 for 6 months.
Then only $49 monthly to host up to 1000 sites! 
That's as low as 4.9 cents each!



Q:  Will this only work with Windows?

A: InstantNicheMaker works with your favorite browser and operating system.

Can I share a membership with a friend / business partner?

A: Yes! When you first join, you will need to enter your Paypal ID, Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense, etc... affiliate IDs.  When you make a new niche site that information is automatically used. But you can then go and change that information. For example, you may create a site as a gift. You could easily enter that person's affiliate info.

Do I have to host my sites with InstantNicheMaker?

A: NEW! It is now possible for members to export their sites to a different web host. This allows you to easily flip sites, or just host on your own if you prefer. There is a small service fee for doing this. More info here.

Q: Can I use my own domain names with InstantNicheMaker?

A: Yes, and it is quite easy. You maintain ownership of the domain at all times. You simply need to have your name server point to our server IP. How's that for geeky speak? ;-)  No worries, we have a short video that makes it fast and easy.

Q: Can I see some sample sites?

A:  Sure, take a look at this sample site page


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