Q: How much money can I expect to make with my website?

A: Great question. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for it, and we can't guarantee you'll make $1.00 or $1,000,000. Why? It depends on so many different factors.
For example, where will the income come from? Adsense? eBay Affiliate program? Affiliate income from other members who join?

Will you be selling a digital or physical product from the site? If so, is it a $27 product, or a $97 product? What topic will your site be about? Is it a topic where people are passionate AND spend money? For example, people might be passionate about "Saving The Whales", but would they spend money for that topic?

The idea with these sites is that you can quickly set one up and get it live. To use baseball terminology, it is much easier to keep hitting singles, than back to back home runs!  If a single site generates just $15 a day, that's $450 per month / $5475 a year. So then you go and get another one live, and another, etc...

So instead of expecting a single site to generate many hundreds of dollars each day, you'll be happy with sites doing only a fraction of that. if you have a dozen sites generating a steady $15 a day, that would add up to over $65,000 each year!

Q: Won't everyone's site look the same?

A: No, with so many different theme templates, it is easy to individualize your site.

Q: Where can I find digital products that I can resell from my site?

A: Simply go to Google and searh on plr sites

Q: How will I get traffic to my site?
A: There are many ways of getting traffic.

  1. By default, your site will be listed in several directories that appear on multiple websites that are already indexed on several existing spidered sites which already have Google Pagerank. This will help the search engine spiders to find your site almost immediately.

  2. Each site is SEO fine tuned. Each video, news item, blog post,  that appears for your topic becomes an individual web page that builds your foot print on the web.Normally, the more pages you have on the web, the easier it is to find you in the search engines.

Q:  How do I get paid commissions?
A: There are several sources of income that you can generate from your sites. When you first become a member, you will be asked to supply your affiliate ID for several programs. These include eBay affiliate program, Clickbank & Adsense. If you are not yet a member of these, it is free, quick, and easy to become a member and get your unique affiliate ID. 

  • When someone clicks the banner that appears on your site and becomes a member, that generates a clickbank commission. Clickbank normally pays by mailing out checks every two weeks.

  • When someone clicks on a link in your collectibles section, it gives them an eBay cookie that is good not only for that specific item, but for anything else that they purchase in the next seven days! eBay affiliate program pays out monthly.

  • Each page of your site will have strategically placed Google Adsense ads. Each time someone clicks (no purchase required) you earn a commission. Adsense mails out checks on a monthly basis.

Q: How do I get paid commissions for all of the "Deal Finder" stores? How in the world do I signup for over 6200 stores!?! Do I need to setup an affiliate account with each and every one?

A: Amazingly, in order to get commissions for all 6200+ stores only requires you to join less than a dozen affiliate programs. It is normally free and no hassle to join each site.

Q: Can I rename the titles of the different pages and rearrange their ? For example, do I have to call it "Deal Finder"?

A: Yes, you have full control over the pages. You can rename them, hide them, show them, even change their order. By default, they are displayed in alphabetical order, but you can easily rearrange them from inside your dashboard.

Q: Can I create any kind of site?

A: No. Instant Niche Maker does NOT allow any websites dealing with pornography, violence, hate, or prejudice. We also do not allow adult theme websites dealing with sexuality or alternative lifestyles. We have filters set in place to detect and notify us of such sites. Creating such sites is grounds to having your membership cancelled.

Q: Can I use Instant Niche Maker to create websites that I host on my own hosting acccount?

A: Unfortunately, that is not possible. There is a tremendous amount of software coding to create these sites. Since these sites are data driven (not static html pages), they are constantly being updated. 

Q: What happens to my sites if I cancel my membership?

A: Instant Niche Maker at it's discretion either delete your sites, or keep your sites live, except your affiliate IDs will not be used, hence you will no longer receive commissions.



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