Growing Your Niche Site

It's not enough to create a website, get it launched, and just let it sit there. A website constantly needs to be growing and to produce more content.

Websites constantly need to be adding contentIt's like a pop-singer. They have to keep producing new songs. Otherwise, they'll lose their audience.

The music business has a term called "One-Hit Wonders". These are singers or bands that released a song on the radio that was a big hit, but then just disappeared.

If you don't grow your site, you can face a worse problem.

Not only will visitors stop visiting because your content is not fresh and updated, but so will the search engine spiders.

If the search engines think your site has been left out to dry, you're in trouble.

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Our proprietary software handles all the SEO headaches for you.

Your site will slowly and steadily grow bigger and bigger as content is automatically added each and every day.

Each time you get a visitor or a search engine visit, your site is automatically updated with the latest news, videos, eBay, and other content.

Of course you can also manually create new pages and blog posts for that extra boost!

For example, have you purchased websites with resale rights, or a package that includes 100 niche sites like Instant Website Empire? You can simply copy and paste the articles into your new niche site here.

The result will be that your site will grow into a mature, respected, and profitable site.

Next learn how you can create DOZENS of niche sites in less time than it would normally take you to create just one site!




Automated Site Growth!

Search Engines give better listings to sites that are naturally growing at a steady rate. A site that doesn't continuously grow has a disadvantage in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc...

Instant Niche Maker automatically keeps adding pages to your site to keep it fresh in the search engines so that you get the most traffic possible!


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