Monetizing Your Instant Niche Maker Site

Chances are you're interested in building niche sites in order to make money, REAL money! :-) Instant Niche Maker Solves The Website Profit Puzzle

Countless people have build websites in the past thinking that simply having a website would bring them money.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. 

A website has to be designed from the beginning with a plan on how it's going to produce money. Many are puzzled on how to do that.

Your Instant Niche Maker sites are designed specifically to bring in multiple streams of income to you.

At the push of a button, your site will automatically be set to bring in profit from:

Let's discuss some of the ways your websites are designed to be automatic profit machines.

Instantly Become A Master Affiliate
For 6,293 Merchants Selling 29,528,937 Products
With Your Own Price Comparison Engine!

 Some of the 6300 InstantNicheMaker Merchants You Become An Affiliate For.

How would you like to be able to earn affiliate commissions from over 6,200 merchants offering nearly 30 million different products? 

With Instant Niche Maker Deal Finder, it's quick and easy to do so. 

Instantly add a price comparison engine to your sites!


 Every member has the ability to offer a price comparison shopping experience, just like the ones offered at sites like PriceGrabber, NexTag, mySimon, etc...

You'll earn a commission each time someone buys a product from ANY of the listed merchants!

Talk about stacking the deck in your favor. :-)


How Much Do You Make?

If someone were to buy the camera shown above for $169.36 from Wal*Mart, you would earn an 8% commission. That would be $13.54 in your pocket for doing nothing!

  • Nothing to ship.
  • No emails to send.
  • No customer service.

You simply send traffic to any of the merchants and when the person makes a purchase you automatically earn a commission.

Think about it...

When Someone Visits A Price Comparison Engine...

  1. They are looking to buy.
  2. They know what they want.
  3. They have their credit card in hand.
  4. They are CRAVING to buy that item.

When you build a site to help them find the exact product they are rabidly hungry about, it's a win-win-win situation.

  • The customer gets what they want at the best possible price.
  • The merchant makes the sale.
  • Your pockets get the commission!


When's The Last Time
You Earned $4942.10 In 30 Seconds?

Imagine if you spent 30 seconds having Instant Niche Maker build a complete site for a super hot product like a Canon Powershot SD1100.

You instantly offer videos about the product, news about the product, price comparisions for the product, so you become THE authority site. 

Although you get tons of visitors, let's say that only one camera a day is sold from your site. Each earns you $13.54 (8% of the $168.87 price).

That daily $13.54 commission adds up to $4942.10 in your pocket in a year!

But don't stop there!

Simply create more niche sites to multiply your income.

Please Note: 

  • In order for you to become an affiliate for the 6200+ merchants you are required to join approximately seven different affiliate programs. Joining is free and normally hassle free.

  • Only Gold & Platinum members are able to insert their own affiliate ID information. Silver members may include Deal Finder in their websites which is great for building authority and traffic, but will not receive commissions.

  • Licensing this data requires a traffic sharing model. This means that every fourth view of your Deal Finder will not include your affiliate ID info, but the data provider's info. There is an option for $19.99 a month where you can remove this and receive all the traffic. 

Instantly Make Money With eBay's Affiliate Program

eBay is the largest marketplace in the world, with over 276 million registered users worldwide.

The total value of the goods sold through eBay in 2007 was more than $59 billion in 39 markets, including the US.

With over 113 million items in 50,000 categories, no matter what type of site you have, there's probably something related to it on eBay.

eBay Has One Of The Most Generous Affiliate Programs On The Web.

Currently, The Top 25 Affiliates In The Program Average
Above $100,000 In Monthly Commissions.

Instantly include eBay items in your websiteEvery Instant Niche Maker site automatically includes an eBay shopping store. When someone clicks on any of your links, they get your "eBay cookie".

You get paid a generous commission whenever they purchase that eBay item, another item, or join eBay.

Another benefit of your eBay page is that EACH item gets saved as a keyword rich, highly targeted HTML page that the search engines LOVE! The result is that your site grows at a consistent, natural rate that cause the search engine robots to keep returning to spider your site and increase your  search engine rankings.

A higher ranking = more traffic = more $$$.


Instantly Make Money With Google Adsense

Everyone has heard of Google Adsense. It's the the most popular PPC (pay per click) advertiser out there. Each time someone clicks on an advertisement on a website, the site owner earns a commission.

Google Adsense is Optimized For Each Site

The great thing is you get paid whether or not a purchase is made!

Google Adsense ads are strategically and automatically included on your site. They have been optimized to blend in with each of the different themes.

You simply enter your Google Adsense ID into your member settings and Instant Niche Maker takes care of the rest. An ad is included in the sidebar, and two more ads are included near the top of the content area.

It's another automated, hands-off, stream of income that you'll receive with your Instant Niche maker websites.

Clickbank Pays 40% - 75% Commissions!

Clickbank is the number one affiliate product site. Most products pay a 40%-75% commission. When you create your site it will automatically show the Clickbank products that best match your niche.

Pay Per Click Networks Pay For EACH Click!

As a member we have widgets that easily allow you to make monthly with several PPC / Advertising companies. These include AdBrite, AdToll, Chitika, Clicksor, ClickThruTraffic, ExitJunction, etc... Note, you will have to open an account with them (so they know where to send your commissions), but Instant Niche Maker makes it quite easy to display their content on your site(s).

Instantly Make Money With Our Affiliate Program

Each time you create a website, a tiny little but eye-catching banner like you see below is displayed at the bottom of your page.

When someone clicks on the banner, it includes your private affiliate link for Instant Niche Maker. You'll not only earn a generous commission when they become the newest member, but you'll also be earning a residual commission each and every month that they remain a member.

Note: Members can choose whether or not they want to display the banner on the bottom of each site.

Sell Digital And Physical Products With
Your Own Shopping Cart

Get Your Own Shopping Cart With Instant Niche MakerPlatinum members can sell both physical and digital products from their included shopping cart. 

There are no additional fees. You get a very robust shopping cart where you can sell products from.

Here are some great ways to profit from your shopping cart:

  • Write or purchase resale rights for an ebook that shows people how to get the most of their product. There are many places on the web where you can purchase resale rights to ebooks. For example, you could make an ebook "Top 12 Canon Powershot SD1100 Camera Secrets". Build your site around this keyphrase. People searching for the camera or accessories will visit your site, and see your guidebook. They are excellent prospects as new customers.

  • If you sell accessories for a product, your site could be used to bring in the "Canon Powershot" traffic where they can view all of your items for sale.

  • Say you have a line of "turquoise jewelry" that you sell. You can built a niche site to get you in the search engines to bring traffic and get eyeballs in front of interested people.

Although very powerful, the shopping cart is extremely quick and easy to setup. You'll instantly be able to accept credit cards and online payments through paypal.

Many people pay $70 or more each month for a shopping cart alone. You'll get it FREE with your Platinum membership.

"The Gold Is In The List" With Your Built-In Auto-Responder

How many times have you heard that?

Building an email list is a key part of having a successful online business. As a Platinum member, you'll get a built in auto-responder for each of your sites. 

Instant Niche Maker has specialized widgets for interfacing to aWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and any other service that allows you to import a comma delimited file (practically all do!). Your built-in auto-responder will allow you to send out an email to your subscribers, and by setting up a free account with MailChimp, (or paid with aWeber / Constant Contact / MailChimp) you can even pre-schedule a series of emails.

For example, say you sell cruises, you could write a course like "The 10 Top Cruise Destinations You Must Visit".  You would write 10 separate emails, one for each occasion. On the bottom of the email do a "soft-sell" for your cruise booking service, and then schedule the emails to go out at various times.

As you can see, Instant Niche Maker was designed from the ground up to be an automated profitable website builder.

Still, what good is a website if it doesn't get traffic?

Next you'll see how Instant Niche Maker automatically helps your site get more targeted traffic.




Automated Profits!

Instant Niche Maker sites were created from the ground up to be money making magnets.

There are MULTIPLE ways of making auto-pilot, hands-off  profits with your niche sites. 


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