Adding Content To Your Niche Site

What's a website without content?

A website without content is like a store with bare shelves It's like a store with empty shelves.

Even if someone happens to visit, they'll quickly leave and never come back again.

That's bad whether you run a retail or online business.

Instant Niche Maker automatically gets the content you need to make a niche site that attracts and retains visitors, and encourages them to come back.

There are several automated and manual ways of creating content for your site.

When your site is created by Instant Niche Maker, several different types of consumable content are automatically created for you.

Your site content types include:
  • Auto-Blog - Your site has a built in Blog. It is extremely easy to add new content to your site. We include two Auto-Blog content tools that will automatically create blog posts. You can also write blog entries yourself, copy from an article site, or hire a writer to make content, you simply have to copy and paste to add it to your site.

  • Videos - Everyone knows that we are a video society. People spend countless hours watching videos online. YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the world! Instant Niche Maker automatically finds and displays up to 1000 appropriate videos for your niche topic.

  • News - Your niche site will also contain a page with the latest media news about your topic. It is automatically refreshed with each visit. 

  • Collectibles (eBay shopping) - Visitors to your site can also view what is for sale on eBay in your niche. Your affiliate link is attached to each item so you earn a commission each time someone clicks on any of the links and purchases an item.
    (Note: Currently the eBay cookie has a 7 day life. If a person clicks on one of your eBay items but buys a different item, you still will get the commission!)

  • Deal Finder - One of the great uses of the internet is doing price comparison, finding the best price possible. Each of your sites will contain a price comparison engine page where users can instantly check the price of an item from multiple stores. The great thing is that no matter which store they buy from in the list, you will get a commission!

  • New Site Pages - You can also easily add new web pages to your site. help the process by writing your own Blog posts, or adding relevant articles that are freely available on various article sites. There are so many ways to put these to use. For example, you can write reviews of different products in your niche and include an affiliate link where the visitor can make a purchase. Or you can sell advertising space to companies that want to reach your visitors.

  • Shopping Cart - With your shopping cart you can offer both digital and physical goods to your visitors. For example, you can get a list of products from drop shippers and add them to your shopping cart. Nothing to inventory!

Search engines love sites that grow consistently and contain relevant content, not spam! The content that your site contains is "spider food". Each time someone visits your site and views an eBay item, video, news article, deal finder, etc..., these items become new keyword rich web pages for your site.

This makes your food print larger on the web and helps you to improve your search engine ranking.

Many people feel you can fool the search engines by making spammy, ugly sites. That simply does NOT work.

How foolish!  Simply build a site with relevant content that presents the information in a neat, easily to follow format and you'll win in the search engines and with visitors!

Relevant Content is KING!  Instant Niche Maker delivers the content that both your visitors and the search engines will love!

Nothing beats fresh and unique content! If you want the search engines to send traffic to you then use the built in blog to write about your niche topic. It's the BEST way to grow your site! As a member, you'll have access to tutorial videos that show how quick and easy it is to add powerful content to your niche site.





It's NOT Magic!

Instant Niche Maker automates so much... You might think it's magic! :-)

Check out all the relevant, keyword rich content that is 100% automatically added to your niche site.


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