Step 1: Instant Niche Maker automatically builds your websites

You simply come up with a niche topic, site title, select a few more options, and click a button. Almost instantly the website is created and ready for action!

For example, say you wanted to build a niche site about "Collecting Gold Coins". 

As shown below, just choose your site name, title, and category then click on the [Make Niche Site] button.

NEW! As of September 1,2010 you can select between creating a blog style site as described below, or a PLR (Private Label Rights) site that comes complete with sales page, ad text copy, images, product to sell, shopping cart, auto-responder, etc...

Read on, or watch these videos:  Blog Style Site Creation.   |  PLR Product Style Site Creation.

How To Add A Website With Instant Niche Maker

It's REALLY That Quick & Easy!

In this case, your site will be called "", and will be INSTANTLY online.

If you prefer, you could even show it on a domain name of your choice, for example 

An advantage of using the domain is that it is already indexed by Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.., you don't have to worry about attracting search spiders to find your site!

No Ugly Websites Allowed!

Instant Website Empire automatically builds your site based on the niche keyphrase "Collecting Gold Coins".

When you login to your site you can spend a few minutes and easily tweak the keywords if you so choose.

You can also select an entirely different theme from the dozens of available, beautiful layouts.

No ugly cookie cutter templates for you!

We keep adding more and more professional, eye-catching templates for you to choose from too. You can literally change the entire look and feel of your site with a few mouse clicks and 30 seconds of time.

Not only that, but look at all the hassle, time, and expense you are saving:

  • No HTML Editing (Saving hours of time)
  • No FTPing Files & Images
  • Not Required To Buy A Domain Name. (Savings: $9.95 Each Site)
  • No Hosting Headaches.
  • No Site Design.
  • No Training.
  • No PHP Programming.
  • No Adding Adsense Code
  • No Adding eBay Product Code
  • No Adding Amazon Code.
  • No Setting Up A Blog
  • No Setting Up A News Feed.
  • No Setting Up A List Of Videos.
  • ...Add A Few Dozen More Headaches To The List!
  • Absolutely No Hassles!


Go ButtonAlthough you probably won't need to, you can customize, tweak, and modify it as much as you want.

You probably won't though...

You'll be thinking of more niche websites to create simply by pushing a button.

Also, you're not getting just a plain-jane ugly website.

You're getting a beautiful out-of-the-gate fully functioning website thats full of great features, and SEO optimized.

Next you'll see how all your content is automatically created for you.





Build Your Niche Site

Instant Niche Maker makes it so easy to build a gorgeous, content rich, SEO fine tuned website that even the most non-technical person can knock it out in 30 seconds.

Seriously. If you haven't tried making a LIVE site yet, then click here to make your own niche site in 30 seconds.

Now, ANYONE can quickly and easily at the push of a button create a beautiful niche website ready to be your automated profit machine.


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