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How would you like to build your own empire of niche sites?

An army of automated profit machines that deliver cash to you day in, and day out.

Until now you had to be a technical geek, a web developer, and gifted artist to create a professional niche website. Plus, you had to spend a lot of time and money to make a single site!

Not anymore!

Instant Niche Maker is REVOLUTIONIZING how niche sites are being built!

NEW! Choose between a PLR (Private Label Rights) site with product + shopping cart + autoresponder, a Video Squeeze page site, and a Auto-Blog style site with auto content! See It In ACTION!

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Watch an Auto-BLOG / PLR / Video Squeeze Site be created in less than 21 Seconds!

Until now, sites created by automation were both ugly and non-professional looking.

Check These Out!

Instant Niche Maker Will:
1. Build Your Site.
2. Add Content.

3. Monetize Your Site.
4. Get Targeted Traffic
5. Grow Your Site
Your niche sites come preloaded with 6 different, fully automated profit streams

How You Make $$$
There are over 24 different Features & Benefits to make you money at the push of a button.

Features & Benefits
You'll be able to make DOZENS of sites in less time than it would take to manually create just one!

Make Sites FAST!

Instant Niche Maker topples the 5 roadblocks that have held you back from building niche sites.

No More Roadblocks!

Answers to the most commonly received questions can be found here:

Questions & Answers:

So Much Automation, You'll Think It's Magic!

Automated Content
Automated Traffic
Automated Site Growth

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Our Innovation

Instant Niche Maker has developed a proprietary method of automatically creating a niche site, adding content, and bringing traffic.

Unlike competitors that create ugly "sealed box" sites that are difficult
(or impossible) to modify, our unique member panel allows quick and easy site modification.




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